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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Slice of Life 2015: Day #1

So, in case you don't know, the blog over at Two Writing Teachers holds this annual competition where bloggers post daily for the entire month of March, and comment on others posts. I decided I will do this this year. My mom, a kindergarten teacher, told be about it and I think it is a fun idea. 

I had to wake up SUPER early to go to my sister's swim meet 30 minutes away. My parents woke me up at 5:45am to make the warm-ups at 7:00. My sister did good and got first place for the first time in her several years of going to these meets. I was glad I went when she won. My friend Robbie is also a swimmer, so in between races we talked, and he showed me this card trick that was cool. I also downloaded this cool comic book style app named Halfnote and I made this comic of my dog, Guppy:

Kind of funny, right?

Anyways, on our ride home, we stopped at the Freihofer's Bakery Outlet for bread. Every time we pass near it my Dad makes sure to stop and get 20 packages of bread to put in our giant freezer in our garage. Bread is very cheap there, too. When I got home, I attempted to beat my high score in Subway Surfers, a game on our iPad. My day was normal and slow for a regular Sunday, how about you?