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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday's Update

Hello everyone! As you can see, my blog has a new design to it. I hope you think it looks nice! Anyway, today was adventurous day. We went hiking to Hadley Mountain. Here's a little report I made:

Hadley Mountain
Hike #1 - 10/26/2014
Elevation: 1,600 feet
Total Time: 3.5 hours

Today's hike was very nice. It was very steep with many rocks on the trail. I went ahead of Dad and Maggie. At the summit of the mountain, there was a very nice view. It seemed to me that we were at the same height of the clouds- I never saw anything like it before. There was a short fire tower up there, but there was no point to go up it because the latch leading to the top was locked and it was very cold and windy. When we all arrived we had some apple chips, granola bars, and lemonade. Overall, a very nice hike. Afterwards we drove to the Country Corner Cafe in Downtown Saratoga Springs for lunch. I ordered potato pancakes, while Maggie got a wrap and Dad got a sandwich. Mom didn't wake up early enough, so she didn't go.

Also, check out the first episode of my first podcast with the TalkNet podcast network- it was published today. Here's the link if you'd like to watch: